Fire HD 8 (8th Gen) vs Fire HD 8 Plus (10th Gen) Compared

The new Fire HD 8 Plus set to be released alongside the Fire HD 8 (10th Gen) in 2 days time comes with some additional features that separate it from the older Fire HD 8. The new features certainly look enticing even with a slight increase in price, but not until you get your hand on any of the new Fire HD 8 series will you know how good the improvements are. Meanwhile, in this post, I compare the Fire HD 8 (8th Gen) vs HD 8 Plus (10th Gen) specifications and features to find out the differences and perhaps can help you make a more informed choice.

In simple words, the new Fire HD 8 Plus comes with twice the storage capacity of the older HD 8, it also has a higher RAM, faster processor, improved connectivity, longer battery life, and faster-charging speed.

The new Fire HD 8 plus (10th Gen0

The Differences and Similarrities: Fire HD 8 vs HD 8 Plus

The table below highlights the differences and similarities between the Fire HD 8 vs HD 8 Plus.
[wptb id="248" not found ] As you can see, the new Fire HD Plus has a higher storage capacity that allows you to store up more of your favorite tracks on the device. Moreover, the SD card slot supports up to 1TB which is twice 400GB of the Fire HD 8.

With increased 3GB RAM and a faster 2.0 quad-core processor, you can expect the Fire HD 8 Plus to perform faster than the Fire HD 8. This’ll mean better experience while watching your favorite shows, streaming, or playing a game.

Similarly, the Fire HD 8 Plus is equipped with a higher version 5.0 Bluetooth and an enhanced dual-band WiFi which will mean faster connectivity that results in faster download, streaming, and more.

Another fine future that differentiates the Fire HD 8 plus from its predecessor is the overhauled energy department. With USB-C now present on the HD 8 Plus, it takes just 4hrs to be fully charged compared to the HD 8 which takes 6hrs. Moreover, it has a longer battery life, 12hrs compared to 10hrs, thanks to the faster processor, higher RAM, and better technology.

Features of the Fire HD 8 Plus

Just like the HD 8, the new HD 8 Plus is still awesome as far as entertainment or relaxation is concerned. Now even better with the newer features. Features include;

  1. Decent Design:
  2. It comes in a compact design that’s also sleek and elegant with an 8 inch HD display. It’s also lightweight at 355g.

  3. Higher 32GB/64GB:
  4. Comes with a higher storage capacity that allows you to store more of your favorite files. Also has SD Card slot with support up to 1TB.

  5. WiFi & Bluetooth:
  6. Improved wireless connectivity allows you to connect and stream your favorite contents effortlessly. Stream music on Spotify, Amazon music, watch prime video and more.

  7. 2.0 Quad-Core Processor & 3GB RAM:
  8. Faster processor and higher RAM brings imporved and better performance.

  9. 12hrs Battery Life:
  10. About 12hrs long battery life.

  11. USB-C:
  12. Equipped with USB-C and reduces charging duration to only 4hrs. One of my favorite features.

  13. Camera:
  14. 2MP/2MP front and rear camera allow you to capture and record those memorable moments with 720p HD recording.

  15. Alexa Voice Assistant: Seemless voice assistant feature allow you to ask Alexa to carry out simple tasks like; check the weather, open an app, contorl smarthome devices and more.
  16. Game Mode: Play your favorite games without interupption.
  17. FreeTime: allows parents to create child profiles to limit screen time, set educational goals, and manage content with easy-to-use parental controls


In conclusion, it’s very obvious the Fire HD 8 Plus is a better device when compared to the HD 8. And when you look at the price differences, the HD 8 Plus is a better bargain when you consider the higher RAM, faster processor, improved connectivity, longer battery life, and lower charging duration.

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